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Areas of Expertise


As a spiritual life coach, it is our job to hold space for you to express feelings, emotions, dreams, and desires.  We are here to support and guide you to align you with your soul purpose.  We are here to help release limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, and help raise your vibe to attract what is truly meant for you.  It's our soul purpose to help you recognize your gift and ask powerful questions to take you deeper into your truth.  


Shamanism is a spiritual practice as old as mankind.  It is still practiced by indigenous people and modern practitioners worldwide.  It is a system of controlled visionary journeys into alternate realities and back in order to contact spirit guides.  It is the connection and balance of mind, body,, and spirit.  The purpose of becoming a shaman is to reclaim your power and acknowledge responsibility for your own life.  It is to reach enlightenment and to show the world that it is possible to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in this lifetime.  

My Approach
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