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Different options with the same goal in mind. Let's transcend your life to something amazing! 




As a transformational life coach, I know that each client has their own unique personal journey. My program combines spirituality with practical tools and skills to help individuals develop their own intuitive guidance system, leading to deep insights and healing. I work closely with clients to help them identify and work on any areas in their lives that may be holding them back from achieving their goals. Through my program, individuals are able to find balance, peace, and joy as they transform their lives and discover their purpose.


4 Week Self- Empowerment Workshop Series for Women

A transformative 4-week journey designed to illuminate the path to self-discovery, empowerment, and cultivate confidence to live a life of authenticity and purpose. In this empowering workshop series, we embark on a profound exploration of the innermost layers of our being, crafting a roadmap to unleash the incredible potential that resides within every woman. It's time to step into your power, embrace your worth, and manifest the life you were destined to lead.


Week 1: Understanding our Story...The Science and Psychology of Who We Are.

We begin by delving into the intricate tapestry of our lives, unraveling the threads of our unique stories. Through the lens of science and psychology, we gain insights into the essence of our being, understanding the powerful forces that shape us. This week is a foundation for self-awareness, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation. The better we understand ourselves the easier it will be to navigate life circumstances and change old habits.

Week 2: Our Energetic Essence - Raising our Vibe, and Breaking Barriers to Remove Our Internal Roadblocks.

As we elevate our consciousness, we break through internal barriers that have held us back. Explore the energetic essence that defines us, raising our vibrations to new heights. This is about putting ourselves on the path to healing and removing the internal roadblocks that have been keeping us from our true potential. Through empowering exercises and practices, we build self trust and confidence paving the way for a journey toward personal freedom and authenticity.


Week 3: Soul Sculpt - Nurturing Self-empowerment, Love, and Worthiness.

This week is dedicated to the art of self-sculpting, where we carve out a space for self-empowerment, trust, love, and worthiness. Through transformative exercises and guided reflections, we nourish the soul, cultivating a deep sense of empowerment that radiates from within. It's a celebration of the unique strength that each woman possesses.

Week 4: Manifestation Masterpiece - Creating a Purposeful Life.

In the final week, we harness the power of manifestation to craft a purposeful life. Together, we explore the art of bringing dreams into reality, manifesting a masterpiece that aligns with our authentic selves. This week is a celebration of the journey we've undertaken, culminating in the creation of a life filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

During our 4 weeks together we will be going through a personal journey. Each individual's journey will be different. This is meant to be a group that is supportive of each other, non-judgemental, and open-minded. We are here to uplift each other, inspire, empower, and connect.

Each week we will have lessons, discussions, a variety of interactive exercises, and workbooks to help us along our journey. There will be exercises in the workbook that you can bring home and do on your own time. Each session will end with a guided meditation to release any emotions that come up and end the night on a calm and centered note.






3 Month & 6 Month
Spiritual Growth 
1:1 Program

The 3-6 month program is the recommended timeline to see the best results. This program provides weekly journal prompts, meditations, and worksheets to help you dive deep and transcend your life into something amazing. Each coaching program is tailored to the client depending on their personal goals and needs.  As a general overview of what our program consists of you will learn:

  • Importance of balancing mind, body, and soul 

  • Understanding your past and how it shaped you

  • Bring awareness and identify what could be holding you back

  • Nurturing our inner child

  • Feeling worthy and releasing limiting beliefs

  • Mindset makeover

  • Overcoming potential roadblocks

  • How to attract high-vibe people and experiences

  • Manifesting our most profound dreams and desires

We will have bi-weekly 60-minute 1:1 phone sessions to discuss anything that came up on the journal prompts, anything else you need guidance on, and what feelings may have come up in the last couple of weeks.  I am here to hold you accountable so you can create the life you always dreams of.  You will be in our exclusive Facebook Group where you can connect with other like minded individuals and share ideas, inspiration, and support and empower others on their journey.  Community and connection are basic needs that we need to thrive in life.  


 Typically before a session, I personally have a meditation session and pull tarot cards to see what the universe feels is of importance as well.  Everyone has their own life experiences, so this option is extremely beneficial if you want something more personalized to you.  It's my soul purpose to help you.  If you're looking for a sign that you need something deeper, more purposeful, and meaningful in your life and you are unsure what's holding you back and how to get there...this is your sign to start here! 

The longer the number of sessions, the deeper we can dig, and the more support you will have along your journey.  It's all about what's best for you and how deep you want to go.  For 3-6 full months, I will be here for the support and guidance you need! I will be your go-to girl to help you on your journey to really tap into what you are meant to align with, and what you are meant to release.

3 Month $2100

6 Month $4200



This is what the program embodies.  This is what I want everyone to feel and overcome within.  I want everyone to realize that they can heal from within, align with their truth, create a life that they dreamed of, and live truly happy, healthy, and balanced mind, body, and spirit.  

T - Trust in the divine timing

R - Release control of specific outcomes

A - Alignment to your truth and life purpose

N- Navigate life circumstances with ease and grace  

S- Spiritual rebirth and death of the ego

C- Compassion for your inner child and shadow parts

E- End negative and limiting beliefs 

N-Never doubt the love you have for yourself

D- Declutter your life and let go of what no longer serves you

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